With the brush
I go on a
journey into
the human soul.

  "It's about people, only people"

  A gallery visiting artist Carolin Beyer  

A visit to Carolin Beyer performs a picturesque district of Harvestehude and to her, in 1904 by English architect brothers erbautem house, which is since the 1920s in the family. My grandfather bought the house, which acts by the late Art Nouveau, but also very English style embossed, even for the viewer as a source of inspiration. When you come to her studio, one feels, however the device anmutet very spartan, immediately welcome. And the well-measured light compositions cause a very atmospheric setting. Born in Hamburg in 1962 painter welcomes its guests with a sunny smile and a pleasant lightness in her voice.

This woman knows what she wants. Through their spiritual strength and inner peace she has to devote himself from the beginning of their decision to entirely to painting, constantly developed into a mature and recognized artist. And she has made a name, even if only to prevail in the world of men: she is the first woman and painter who in the tradition of the Chamber of Commerce each outgoing President of the Chamber of Commerce, currently on the Hamburg Dr. Karl-Joachim Dreyer, portrayed and so now takes place in the time-honored ancestral gallery of famous and honoriger Hanseaten, the combined always Kaufmann spirit and artistry. Since 1877, up to now show 31 works former Praesides the style and taste of yesteryear in a "portrait gallery". As that would not be enough, it is the 'Rough House "also represented the first portraitist in the gallery of the prostate. For the first time now allowed to a woman a former paint. Dr. Dietrich Sattler, the 10.Vorsteher of Rauhen house since Johann Hinrich Wiechern (1898-1881), has its model sat.

Nevertheless, the portrait is the handwriting of the artist Carolin Beyer. She demonstrates this winter in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce her portrait series "Couples and other individuals" known and lesser-known citizen of Hamburg. a musician and his accordion, a journalist and her camera, a lady with a dog: this also surprising relationships come to the fore. She moves almost as factual as a psychologist the respective nature of the portrayed in the foreground. And sets during their work a downright sensitive flair to the day to capture the personality of the person in all its facets. There you comes to the characteristics of the means of painting and the answer to the eternal human question: Who am I?

One must be able to dive into the pictures from Carolin Beyer. As viewers of her pictures, one is inclined to believe that Carolin Beyer has captured the souls of the painted people. Some people, perhaps certainly no longer among us but never forgotten by their portraits. She has held a moment that will always remain alive.

People are her subjects for which it is interested, because they suggest decisive and difficult to put into words moments of entertainment, the gestures and facial expressions back. "A psychic being purely visual expression to understand makes the immense appeal of pictures". Your plumber is as important as the actress Barbara Auer; a street musician depends in a row with Auxiliary Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke, who has sat the painter ten years ago even model. All these people are deprived of a naturalistic reality and are in an undefined space. Where the color is directly related to the painted person and temperament. The portraits also invite the viewer to find his own point of view. It is the way to move people indoors. There are everything in color abstracted spaces, the colors are psychological colors, always tailored to the model, and whether they are more or seater stayer. Small but subtle differences, but which can produce an enormous tension in comparison.

"As a visual person and I try to capture aesthetics to Portraitierenden in all its personal beauty and wonder what lies behind the outer facade. How do the unique nature expresses in his features, in his body language. Eyes and hands are always for me the most important games. But there are also the stories of the people. Each model represents a new border survey. "

"My children are rectangular and square," she says - but not only! "My daughter Fritzimarie animated me to come picturesquely to the point. I stood still 1 day of their birth to the easel and the last picture painted for the exhibition. " She feels it is a great gift to be able to witness your child's life deliberately. "My muse", as she calls her 6 months old daughter lovingly, enriches the Mama with new discoveries of small children's eyes.
And how would Carolin Beyer painting itself? "On the move - heading for the viewer, my opposite - open - with all your senses. This is a characteristic of me "But the painter is already thinking ahead. You want to extend the cycle of paintings. "Helmut and Hannelore Schmidt, I would like to paint," she says at the end.

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