Ein Künstler mit großer spiritueller Energie   Ein Künstler mit großer spiritueller Energie  
"I want my pictures make thoughtful. In them lies a humanist thought, to improve this world. I would like all people my warmth mediate. We all live in it a big house. This is Earth - no matter what religion or Skin color they have in him".

Davood Roostaei is a very passionate and spiritual person, wins his creative power from his faith. Born and He grew up in the south Persian town Sarab - what in German "Mirage" is.

He comes from a royal family, the Qajar dynasty (1794-1925) belonged. Thanks to his background and upbringing Davood is the ancient Persian Seal familiar, but also occidental from antiquity up to Goethe and Nietzsche flow into his art a with. He travels easily between these two cultures and impressed with a gift, the truth about life, which, to us in all its diversity, cruelty   Davood Roostaei 'Mein Guernica'   but also glory encountered in a very independent picture conception to approach. Davood decrypts these interactions of our existence and creating relationships that often remain hidden from us. Davood Roostaei has with its indescribable ability to very focused in events and empathize acts simultaneously the suspense of human

reckon union psychology in every particular with its to influence images that future events see as a kind of prescience in his works collection can. Davood learned firsthand the dark know in life. For refusing military spent service during the Iran-Iraq war he in twenty-four months prison. This formative Incision in his life can be found reflected in his works. The good and bad elements flow into his pictures immer gleichzeitig mit ein.   Davood Roostaei 'Stärker als die Zeit

Davood Roostaei 'Melodie der verwehten Träume'   But his experiences have will be also a socially committed artist who has developed a special attention for the children of this earth. This human dimension comes in contemporary art only rarely. In addition to his surrealistic works, he called one of his newly created Art direction "Krypto REALISM". Griech. Kryptos = secret, hidden. So a painting of the encrypted expression underlying realistic designs. One might think Davood brings the Secret and Hidden in us to light. For his brilliant painting it belongs, with more pixels to work, which depending on the light and highlight approach in relief, and so until the sum of the History of an image tell.   Davood Roostaei 'Gefangen in eigener Schönheit'

  Davood Roostaei 'Holocaust'   His revolutionary new style he brought for the first time caused the 1992 "Holocaust" to their fullest potential. With he took this unique work the artistic, mental and spiritual Wagner nis to be in the role of witnesses to deal with the tragedy of the century "Holocaust". Many exceptional details create a bridge between western and oriental approach. His inner participation was also the separation and reunion of German People.  

Davood Roostaei 'Good Bye Marlene'   he transferred his feelings in "Adieu DDR" and "Good Bye Marlene". With this he intends to work the deceased Berliner Marlene Dietrich, the old and in the new capital found their final resting place. Davood wants us with this picture open eyes, for like no other she embodied the ethos even disunity of the German people in war and peace. During the Second World War it was active on the Allied side for freedom and justice against the criminal Nazi regime.   Davood Roostaei 'Adieu DDR'

From another wonderful image entitled "Cycle of creation" speaks of Philosph Davood Roostaei. A young girl in Profile wearing a thick blond plait, like an ear of corn anmutet. In the girl's head integrates the wings appear a Windmill, rotating sense way. Of the Death as reaper is associated - Grain is ground, as it were, and totgemacht but here in the transformation to Dispenser new life - the breadwinners of the people.   Davood Roostaei 'Kreislauf der Schöpfung'

  "My pictures speak for me,"  so Davood,
"My language is a language for all People. With bare hands, like a cave painting, I will feelings and emotions directly capture on the canvas. My Pictures feel something of the sensual and the spiritual energies that be released while painting. The colors torment like glowing lava from my hands, so that the structure is like a new volcanic mountains. But there are also moments of concentration, Meditation, where I with the devotion of an icon painter go to work. While painting I feel entirely as God's instrument, the only true creator and artist who my hands and Finger directs and charge me magically. "

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