Studio visit with painter Katja K. Nordmeyer

  "There are the emotions!
These individually represent in painting I find very exciting!"

The drive into the small town Ohlstedt in Wohldorf appears a city dweller like an enchanted paradise, entwined with beautiful rich tones as they are probably to be found only in a natural setting. Here the world seems still okay. Children singing coming from school, kindergarten groups stroll happily along the way. Everything here moves a track slowly because nobody comes frantically chased out of a side street, or running busily across the street. Here in this unspoiled by urban building mania living culture we meet born in 1967, Hamburger Künsterin Katja K. Nordmeyer. Here, where nature still has a chance, it is not surprising that the rich play of colors reflected as a source of inspiration in the works of the artist. The viewer will encounter in their Gallery of beautiful pictures as the "Alster path" or the coastal images of "Sylt" plump face. In the landscape paintings by the artist, their love and memories reflects nature.

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In her paintings is about the people, or even more important and intense about emotion. There are the issues of family, love, loneliness and transience ... anything that moves us in our fast-paced, So sensations and emotions cause - which is today, tomorrow may already be quite different. You want a hand commit no whitewashing, rather spit anything directly on the canvas. Nevertheless, it is at the same time show you also important little escapes, which are much more available than is assumed and also where they no suspects.

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She does not like boundaries create their work and do not want to be forced into a particular style. More and more she discovers the abstractness of its own. Probably she finds it exciting when the viewer stands in front of their images and discovered alone the image itself produced perhaps very own thoughts and feelings in to call, as someone to push directly on the contents out. "Men on the beach" is a good example.

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Mother's loveJinaika

The painting already practicing in their childhood a great fascination for them. "My father's painting has always captivated me as a child. During my school years I used in art class every free minute for love to draw. " Later years of studies followed the free painting, several years at Painting and Drawing Schools, et al of 2004 - 2008 at Hamburg's famous artist Lothar Schulz-Goldap, has been the formerly himself a student of Prof. Fritz Mackensen (cofounder of the Worpswede).

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rust BeautyMänner am Strand

Your images to a large extent a balanced synthesis of great sensitivity with simultaneously paired high art ability to reveal this intensity in their expression. She gets steadily commissions for individual portraits of family members. The portraits they designed according to her feeling for these people, the uniqueness of each human being every time it should be emphasized again a big challenge for them. And for the client an experience of a special kind. With her artistic bandwidth it has won a place in the art world.

love grows

In her painting school "Painting Room" Students are derived individually to realize their "personal image" in oil or acrylic in a relaxed atmosphere. No experience needed. The little ones paint with an unbridled joy, they have so much imagination the wonderfully expressed here, while the young people with great fun to try different techniques and it can let their creativity run wild. It's great to look at how the students take from time to time progress and the joy of the final image is each time a pleasure for Katja K. Nordmeyer. The painting may be particularly for adults after a long illness, a very nice treatment with a lot of relaxation. Distraction, on the other, to open up a whole new world, but to be able to dive in too.

Sleeping Venus ...
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