Rickey Jewel Hohimer
"I want the viewer elicit a smile, give a certain passion and feelings and share with the Enjoy this wonderful nature. The whole idea behind it is to feel and not to analyze everything!"

Rickey Jewel Hohimer loves the American jazz and blues and old movies, to which the latter assumes the busy street scenes metropolis Live the 30s, 40s and 50s dreamily into the action with slipstreams. Even a child of this age, born in 1946, he has to a wealth of memories to fall back to the find by diverse details from this period in his pictures.

Hohimer figures do not spring from the reality, they are stylized romantic and show emotional one epoch or romantic Tropical Beaches at Sunset fully vibrant atmosphere, the emotional desire in us to awaken his want right there. Hohimer's art involved the viewer in seductive Scenarien because the uniqueness of his art that we at any time if we look at the images, in his extremely transfigured dreamlike world go. Each of his works is a story based in which the viewer can dive with his own feelings. His Images are like music and each color a note. As in music, the various Rhythms can create an interplay of feelings do the colors in his Images. Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Coconut Groove' They blend into an ecstatic celebration of the senses. For him therefore the color with one of the most important parts in his works. He never know what colors he is using. That it comes during his work. "I see the image proceed further and flow spontaneously colors with on. I decide spontaneously and improvise as in jazz. "He used perhaps today completely different colors than even last year. "I feel myself as a musician, the one and the same piece with the time with different Notes differently or reinterpreted. "Him always interested the psychological effects of colors and the effects that they in man cause, and thus moves on the theories of the French chemist Eugène Chevreul,

Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Chicago Blue'   which also the painter Georges Seurat (Impressionism) influenced. But the shimmering life the Jazz are a recurring source of his personal inspirations, and thus plays a at least as great a lead role. Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Downbeat Club'

At the same time flowing and spontaneous moments of life today with a. And what could it be more exciting than a place like Miami. Hohimer has made his Apartment in 10th floor a beautiful view of the beach, and also to the skyline Miami-Downtown - he lives here with his wife.

Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'South Beach Spa'   It smells of paint in his apartment because he does here, from first to last Step everything myself. Even two very expensive printing presses are in a room. Asked about Miami he goes into raptures. It is this indescribable light here - it shoots out of it at once. By this must indeed be some truth, because you believes himself of conscious lot, is the various impressions and the intoxicating blaze of color that is ubiquitous on this patch of earth, succumbed. At any time, people from all over the world, Miami South Beach brings a lot different cultures produced. In Indian, where he lived for 5 years and also grew up, there was just 2 cultures. Miami is Stimulating and distraction at the same time. Hohimer sucks this atmosphere to   Hot Spot6

and she feels at the same time as a distraction. That's what he wants for his Labor needs. Prevail throughout the year very pleasant temperatures. The many pretty people, nights full of hot rhythms and exotic smells.

Sax Factor Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Hopper's View' Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Jazz Hawks at the Onyx Club'

The influence of Latinos and the Cubans to their sweaty from dancing bodies their Moving music. This emotionally charged air, the light ocean breeze, the hot Latino rhythms can be felt in pictures such as "Caliente", our opening image.

R.J. Hohimer would certainly be found at Hamburg favor, because he knows that the Jazz here has a great history. German culture is to him but not completely alien, because he grew up in Indiana in addition to a German-born settlement on. "The Germans were very neat and industrious. They loved your work. This influence has probably also a bit transmitted to me. I live and enjoy my work very much, "he, you want to believe it hardly, 7 days a week and 12 hours exercising daily.   Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Its News To Me'   "Could not live without it. It also gives me pleasure because they something playful for me includes ". a balance to his work he seeks therefore also not at first, he needs simply no. Modified highest times his Malgewohnheiten, paints times some time during the day, then worked again for some time at midnight. Nevertheless There are also relaxing moments in his life when he, for example, with friends meets and watch movies together.

Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Grand Marquee' Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Emerald Room' Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Blue Bar Blues'

Or he goes swimming with his wife, which indeed lends itself somehow. His own memories are always with a lot connected fun. Fun he with his work on the People want to pass on. They should have a good time, dance together go, go to the movies, all those things are very charming. are enough problems it indeed in the world, have fun and forget and enjoy life.

  Rickey Jewel Hohimer 'Caliente'

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