Steam clouds over Wolsztyn

All of Poland is occupied by these modern railways ... All of Poland? No! A populated by enthusiastic railroad village does not stop to make strong resistance to this ominous advance. Many relics of a bygone era are still to discover. Everything is still very original and also appreciate the nature. One does not even feel this Squeezed unit as in other European countryside and notes suddenly, here not yet found all this, the optical Eisenbahnromantik by cutting power lines.

In the woods followed one of the most pleasant scent of pine resin. So I go to the thing on the track, and discover areas on the tree trunks that look like open wounds. One calls the Lebendharzung. then If one goes with his nose close to these logs zoom, it smells really wonderful and very intense for this very pleasant resin. The tree sap is harvested here by the people, so-called Harz. Resin was formerly required as a raw material for the production of pitch, tar and turpentine.


Viehtrieb über den Königssee im Berchtesgadener Nationalpark - Berchtesgadener Land Tourismus GmbH - Almsennerin - Christina Frangen - Christina's Alm Traum - Eine Eifelbäuerin am Königssee Cattle drive over the Kingsea in Berchtesgaden National Park - Berchtesgadener Land Tourismus GmbH - Alpin Dairymaid - Christina Frangen - Christina's Alpin Dream - A Eifelbäuerin on Königssee